Research Symposium, Spring 2012

CHS fellows and undergraduates from Sunoikisis institutions presented at the CHS Research Symposium on April 27-28, 2012. Links to recordings of the talks are available below.

Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Symposium

Friday, April 27, 2012

Session 1 (Chair, Kenny Morrell, Rhodes College)

“Sexuality and Intellectualism in Classical Athens”
Leigh Ann Voulgaris, Kalamazoo College
Abstract | Paper [PDF] | Video

“Implicit Characterization in Plato’s Euthyphro
Jillian Stinchcomb, University of Notre Dame
Abstract | Paper [PDF] | Handout [PDF] | Video

“In Med(e)as Res: Seneca the Advisor on the Familial Concerns of Claudius and Jason”
Michelle Currie, Rhodes College
Abstract | Paper [PDF] | Handout [PDF] | Video

“Cultural Hybridization in Roman Britain: The Case of the Curse Tablets”
Carly Silver, Barnard College, Columbia University
Abstract | Paper [PDF] | Video

Sunoikisis Session 2 (Chair, Hal Haskell, Southwestern University)

“A Colorful Quandary: An Exploration of Color Terms in Homeric Poetry”
Erica Eickhoff, University of Virginia
Abstract | Paper [PDF] | Video

“Frozen Music: The Synthesis of Music and Mechanical Theory in Vitruvius’ De Architectura
Daniel Walden, Oberlin College
Abstract | Paper [PDF] | Video

“Fatal Mistakes: The (Mis)Informing of Dido and Eve in the Aeneid and Paradise Lost
Molly Saunders, Agnes Scott College
Abstract | Paper [PDF] | Handout [PDF] | Video

Antigone Re-Crystallized: Ancient Myth in Modern Times”
Georgia LoSchiavo, Southwestern University
Abstract | Paper [PDF] | Presentation [PDF] | Video

Sunoikisis Session 3 (Chair, Mark Usher, University of Vermont)

“The Poetics of Purification: Orestes’ Spiritual Revival (Eum. 235-43)”
Adam Connor, University of Vermont
Abstract | Paper [PDF] | Video

“Human Sacrifice at Perusia”
Jonathan Warner, The George Washington University
Abstract | Paper [PDF] | Handout [PDF] | Video

“St. Justin and the Graeco-Roman World: An Analysis of Justin’s Presentation of Christianity as the Fulfillment of Graeco-Roman Tradition”
Trey Frye, Southwestern University
Abstract | Paper [PDF] | Video

CHS Fellows Research Symposium

Friday, April 27, 2012

Session 1 (Chair, Angelos Chaniotis)

“Ctesias and the Eunuch In-Between”
Matthew Waters [to join remotely]
Abstract | Video

“New Perspectives on Athenian Building Contracts”
Cristina Carusi
Abstract | Powerpoint [PDF] | Handout [PDF] | Video

“Women in the Linear B Tablets from Knossos and Pylos”
Barbara Olsen

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Session 2 (Chair, Douglas Frame)

“The Making of Literary History in Ancient Greece”
Andrea Rotstein [to join remotely]
Handout [PDF] | Video

“Poetics of the Charioteer”
Madeleine Goh
Handout [PDF]

“Equine Poetics”
Ryan Platte
Abstract | Video

“POxy XXX 2513: Iphigenia in the Corinthiaca of Eumelus”
Andrea Debiasi
Abstract | Handout [PDF] | Video

Session 3 (Chairs, Gregory Nagy and Laura Slatkin)

“A Theoretical Approach to the Craftsmanship Metaphor in Early Greek Cosmologies”
Leopoldo Iribarren
Abstract | Handout [PDF] | Video

“Socrates Plays Stesichorus”
Andrea Capra
Abstract | Handout [PDF] | Video

“Pyrrhonism and Disagreement”
Diego Machuca
Abstract | Handout [PDF] | Video

Session 4 (Chair, Luca Giuliani)

“Sacrificial Perversion and the Madness of Lykourgos on a Hydria in London”
Kathryn Topper

“Alphabetic Images in Ancient Greece: the Hellenistic Technopaegnia”
Alexandra Pappas
Abstract | Handout [PDF] | Video

“Hugo Gellert’s 1936 Aesop Said So and Battling Classical Imagery in the Decorations of Rockefeller Center”
Sara Monoson
Presentation [PDF] | Handout [PDF] | Video

Session 5 (Chair, Anthony Snodgrass)

“The Sacrificial Gaze”
Tyler Jo Smith
Abstract | Powerpoint [PDF] | Handout [PDF] | Video

“The Borders of Attica”
Sylvian Fachard
Abstract | Video

“Towards an Archaeology of Borderland Communities in Hellenistic Upper Egypt”
Jennifer Gates-Foster
Abstract | Video

Additional Presentations by Fellows

“The Institution of the Warrior in Several Greek Tragedies (Aiskhylos, Seven against Thebes, Sophokles, Aias and Philoktetes)”
Synnøve des Bouvrie
Abstract | Presentation Text

“The Persistence of Ancient Poetic Craft in the Modern World”
Reginald Gibbons

“Contestations of Class and Power in the Reception of Aesop’s Fables”
Edith Hall