Research Symposium, Fall 2012

On November 30, 2012, six fellows presented their research to an audience of faculty, students, and senior fellows at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC.

9:00 am
Session 1

“The Image and the Text: Dedicatory Epigrams on Stone and Strategies of Communication in Archaic and Classical Athens”
Sara Kaczko, University of Rome
Abstract | Paper and Video

“Ritual practice and material support. Objects in ritual theories”
Ioanna Patera, Max Weber Kolleg
Abstract | Paper and Video

“On Her Majesty’s Service: C. L. W. Merlin and the Sourcing of Greek Antiquities for the British Museum”
Yannis Galanakis, University of Cambridge
Abstract | Paper and Video

11:00 am
Session 2

“Rethinking the Homeric Polis”
Jim Marks, University of Florida
Abstract | Handout (PDF) | Paper and Video

“Lesbos Between Athens and Sparta”
Stefano Caciagli, Università di Bologna
Abstract | Paper and Video

“Collective Emotion in Thucydides”
Eirene Visvardi, Wesleyan University
Abstract | Paper and Video