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The Connected World of Potters in Ancient Athens: Collaborations, Connoisseurship, and Social Network Analysis

Citation with persistent identifier: Harris Cline, Diane and Eleni Hasaki. “The Connected World of Potters in Ancient Athens:  Collaborations, Connoisseurship, and Social Network Analysis.” CHS Research Bulletin 7 (2019). Abstract The Social Networks of Athenian Potters project uses social network analysis to map relationships between the black-figure vase painters… Read more

The Social Network of Socrates

Persistent identifier with citation: Harris Cline, Diane. “The Social Network of Socrates.” CHS Research Bulletin 7 (2019). To enlarge a figure, click directly on the image. The spreadsheet referred to below is available to download.[1] In recent years Social Network Analysis has become a tool for analyzing a remarkably… Read more

Looking inside ancient Greek texts with visualization tools

Since I won't have time to talk about this in detail during my ten minute bit for our Future of Classics discussions, I thought that the blog might be the appropriate forum to pre-emptively follow-up (if such time travel is in fact possible) on a point which I will make tomorrow about what can be done in with relative speed and ease using data and tools that are already available… Read more