Labors on the Tragic Stage

CHS-International Olympic Academy Pre-doc Fellow in Sport and Society 2020–21 Abstract The aim of this project is twofold: first, to explore how Attic tragedy incorporates heroic labors (ἆθλοι) in its narrative; and second, to explore how it accommodates them to the ideology of the polis. Through the study of selected plays by… Read more

Odysseus in Aeschylean Drama: Revisiting the Fragments

Abstract During my year-long appointment as a CHS-AUTH fellow in Hellenic Studies, I had the opportunity to work on my research project: Odysseus in Aeschylean Drama: Revisiting the Fragments. In my paper I examine the highly fragmentary Aeschylean trilogy concerning Odysseus’ nostos, which consists of the plays Psychagogoi, Penelope, and… Read more