Happiness According to Aristotle

Citation with persistent identifier: Reece, Bryan C. “Happiness According to Aristotle.” CHS Research Bulletin 7 (2019). Abstract Aristotle thinks that questions about how we should live as individuals and as communities must be answered with reference to a more fundamental question: What is the happy life for a human being?… Read more

Heroic Mimēsis and the Ancient Greek Athletic Spirit

Citation with persistent identifier: Reid, Heather. “Heroic Mimēsis and the Ancient Greek Athletic Spirit.” CHS Research Bulletin 7 (2019). Abstract Moral education in ancient Greece engaged in what I call a cultural conspiracy to promote aretē.  In order to understand how sport functioned in that system, we need to connect… Read more

The Social Network of Socrates

Persistent identifier with citation: Harris Cline, Diane. “The Social Network of Socrates.” CHS Research Bulletin 7 (2019). To enlarge a figure, click directly on the image. The spreadsheet referred to below is available to download.[1] In recent years Social Network Analysis has become a tool for analyzing a remarkably… Read more

“Ptolemaeus Byzantinus”: The reception of Ptolemy’s astronomy in the Byzantine world

Persistent identifier: Abstract My research aims to make an important contribution to the history of Greek astronomy through the study of manuscripts, following two complementary lines of research: on the one hand, the editing – together with translation and commentary – of Greek astronomical texts from Late Antiquity (5th-6th centuries)… Read more