Issue 2

Prodicus on the Rise of Civilization: Religion, Agriculture, and Culture Heroes

Citation with persistent identifier: Kouloumentas, Stavros. “Prodicus on the rise of civilization: religion, agriculture, and culture heroes.” CHS Research Bulletin 4, no. 2 (2016). 1§1 Three authors who were active in classical Athens seem to have been familiar with Prodicus’ doctrines.[1] Xenophon preserves a speech of Prodicus… Read more

Anaxagoras, Socrates, and the History of “Philosophy”

Citation with persistent identifier: Moore, Christopher. “Anaxagoras, Socrates, and the history of “philosophy.” CHS Research Bulletin 4, no. 2 (2016). The tenuous grip of a name 1§1 In all of extant fifth-century Greek literature, authors use the terms philosophos, philosopheô, and philosophia half a dozen times.[1] Those uses… Read more

Love is in the Hands: Affective Relationships with Objects in Votive Dedications [1]

Citation with persistent identifier: Noel, Anne-Sophie. “Love is in the hands: Affective relationships with objects in votive dedications.” CHS Research Bulletin 4, no. 2 (2016). §1 In Cast Away[2], Robert Zemeckis staged an unforgettable actor pair, made of the world-renowned actor Tom Hanks and a certain Wilson, which… Read more

A Short Introduction to the Seleucid Era

Citation with persistent identifier: Kosmin, Paul J. “A Short Introduction to the Seleucid Era.” CHS Research Bulletin 4, no. 2 (2016). 1§1 This brief paper is intended to supply background information for my presentation at the Research Symposium on Saturday, 30th April. The oral presentation will discuss the invention of… Read more

What’s in a Name? Linguistic Considerations in the Study of ‘Karian’ Religion

Citation with persistent identifier: Carless Unwin, Naomi. “What’s in a name? Linguistic considerations in the study of  ‘Karian’ religion.” CHS Research Bulletin 4, no. 2 (2016). 1§1 The history of Karia is entangled with that of the Greek-speaking world; the cultural and religious character of the region was shaped by… Read more