Research Talks

Throughout the year, the CHS fellows will give talks about their projects. The talks in this series will be available to watch live at rtsp://, viewable with Quicktime or Real Player. Recordings will be available online after each talk.

Friday, October 7
Alexandra Pappas, “Graphic Art: Alphabetic Images in Ancient Greece” | Video
Diego Machuca, “Can the Skeptic Search for Truth?” | Video

Thursday, October 20
Cristina Carusi, “Public Building in Law and Economy of Classical Athens” | Video | PPT
Reginald Gibbons, “Translating the Poetics of Pindar” | Video

Thursday, November 3
Kathryn Topper, “The Representation of the Exotic in Athenian Ritual Imagery” | Video
Tyler Jo Smith, “The Art of Greek Religion: Object, Performance, Image” | Video

Thursday, November 17
Andrea Capra, “‘Harvesting Homer’: The Voice of Epic in Plato’s Dialogues” | Video
Synnøve des Bouvrie, “The Institution of the Warrior in Greek Tragedies” | Video | PPT | Bibliography

Thursday, December 15
4:00PM Barbara Olsen, “Women in the Linear B Tablets from Knossos and Pylos” | Video

Thursday, January 26
4:00PM Sylvian Fachard, “The Borders of Attica” | Video

Thursday, February 9
4:00PM Bryan Burns, “Myth, Gender, and the Arts of the Bronze Age Aegean” | Video
4:45PM Jennifer Gates-Foster, “Power Across Frontiers: Networks of Influence in Hellenistic Egypt” | Video

Thursday, February 23
4:00PM Andrea Debiasi, “The ‘norm of the polyp’, the Alcmeonis and the oracle of Amphiaraus” | Video | Handout

Thursday, March 8
4:00PM Matt Waters, “Forays into Ctesias’ Persica” | Video
4:45PM Leopoldo Iribarren, “La Métaphore Technique dans les Cosmologies Grecques Archaïques” | Video

Thursday, March 22
4:00 Andrea Rotstein, “The Making of Literary History in Ancient Greece” | Video
4:45 Ryan Platte, “Equine Poetics” | Video

Thursday, March 29
4:00 Edith Hall and Sara Monoson, “Contestations of Class and Power in the Reception of Aesop’s Fables” | Video