Research Symposium Papers

On Her Majesty’s Service: C.L.W. Merlin and the Sourcing of Greek Antiquities for the British Museum

Based on hitherto unpublished archival material, this paper offers a brief biographical account of Charles Louis William Merlin, who served on Her Britannic Majesty’s consular service in Greece for almost 50 years (1839-1887). His extensive correspondence (1864-1892) with the British Museum, offers the opportunity to reconstruct Merlin’s role in the sourcing and trafficking of ancient objects directly from Athens to London. The study of this material, which is currently ongoing,… Read more

Research Symposium, Spring 2012

CHS fellows and undergraduates from Sunoikisis institutions presented at the CHS Research Symposium on April 27-28, 2012. Links to recordings of the talks are available below. Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Symposium Friday, April 27, 2012 9:00-10:30AM Session 1 (Chair, Kenny Morrell, Rhodes College) “Sexuality and Intellectualism in Classical Athens” Leigh… Read more