The Case Against Timocrates: Legal Issues and Substantive Arguments against the Unsuitability of Timocrates’ Law (Demosthenes 24.17–109)

Pre-doctoral Fellow in Hellenic  Studies 2021–22 Abstract The research project which I have worked on during my CHS Pre-doctoral Fellowship focuses on the legal argumentation presented by Demosthenes in his speech Against Timocrates (Dem. 24.17–109). This speech was delivered by a certain Diodorus in a public trial against an inexpedient law. In… Read more

The Diary of Cesare Vitali

Early Career Fellow in Philhellenism 2021-22 Abstract Among the numerous testimonies concerning the 1821 Greek Revolution, Cesare Vitali’s account has not yet been investigated and his figure is still relatively unknown. Doctor and vice-consul of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies in Athens during the crucial years of the Greek… Read more

Labors on the Tragic Stage

CHS-International Olympic Academy Pre-doc Fellow in Sport and Society 2020–21 Abstract The aim of this project is twofold: first, to explore how Attic tragedy incorporates heroic labors (ἆθλοι) in its narrative; and second, to explore how it accommodates them to the ideology of the polis. Through the study of selected plays by… Read more

Orestes in Olympia

CHS–International Olympic Academy Pre-doc Fellow in Sport and Society 2020–21 In Euripides’ Electra, Orestes comes to Argos from Phokis to exact revenge from his father’s murderer, Aegisthus, to whom he poses as a Thessalian on a pilgrimage to Olympia. This project, Orestes in Olympia, consists of a description and analysis of the hero’s journey,… Read more