Volume 9

Panhellenism and Athenian Athletics

CHS–International Olympic Academy Pre-doc Fellow in Sport and Society 2020–21 Abstract  The paper explores the athletic festivities of Roman Athens, as they were reorganized by emperor Hadrian and became a part of his Panhellenic policy. After a necessary introduction into the league of Greek cities called the Panhellenion, in Athens 131… Read more

Botanical Knowledge and Vegetal Poetics in Archaic and Classical Greek Poetry

My current research aims to answer three interrelated questions: (a) What did the botanical knowledge of the archaic and the classical Greek era look like?; (b) how and why did it offer the Greek authors of the time convenient ways of thinking (analogically) about other experiences and realms of speculation, such as society, kinship ties, or the body?; and (c) can the study of the ancient botanical knowledge ultimately help… Read more