Volume 9

Volume 9 of the CHS Research Bulletin contains project reports submitted by the fellows who conducted research at the Center for Hellenic Studies during the 2020-21 academic year.

Fellowship Project Reports

“‘Entwining Greek with Asian Speech’: Studies on Timotheus of Miletus’ The Persians ”
Milena Anfosso

“Phoenicians Among Others: How Migration and Mobility Transformed the Mediterranean”
Denise Demetriou

“Jewish Poets, Greek Poetry: Contextualizing Jewish-Greek Poetry as Post-Classical Literature”
Marieke Dhont

“In Times of War and Crisis: Regional Identities and Greek Archaeology”
Aimee Genova

“Musical evidence for low boundary tones in ancient Greek”
Dieter Gunkel

“The Foundations of Stoic Physics”
Ian Hensley

“The Bioarchaeology of the Early Mycenaean period: An interdisciplinary study of human skeletal remains from Ayios Vasilios (Laconia) and Kirrha (Phokis)”
Ioanna Moutafi