Volume 11

Volume 11 of the CHS Research Bulletin contains project reports submitted by the fellows who conducted research at the Center for Hellenic Studies during the 2022-23 academic year.

Persistent identifier for this issue: issue urn: https://nrs.harvard.edu/URN-3:HLNC.JISSUE:103377749

Fellowship Project Reports

“The Reception of the Distance-Period Relationship in the Capellan and Copernican Cosmologies”
Andreas Athanasakis

“The Birth of Tragic Mask through Ritual Practices”
Sophia Baltzoi

“New Mimnermus”
Dimitrios Kanellakis

“Narratives of Mountainous Areas in the Aegean: Prehistoric Remains on the Mountains of East Crete and the Political Geography of Minoan Crete”
Tina Kalantzopoulou

“The Materiality of Abandonment in the Geometric Cyclades: Zagora on Andros”
Kristen Mann

“Multiple Cult Epithets within the Polis: Apollo Delios as a Case Study”
Aggelos Mefsout

“Defying Borders and Barriers: The Pioneer Greek American Women of the Letters (1900-1950)”
Theodora Patrona

“Neglected Evidence and New Discoveries in Greek Epigraphy: The Contribution of Stephanos A. Koumanoudes”
Aikaterini-Iliana Rassia

“The sanctuary of Artemis Limnatis in ancient Messene: An overview of the finds assemblage”
Maria Spathi