The Eagle and the Owl: Athenian Legacies in Early Ptolemaic Alexandria

Citation with persistent identifier: Amendola, Davide. “The Eagle and the Owl: Athenian Legacies in Early Ptolemaic Alexandria.” CHS Research Bulletin 7 (2019). http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:hlnc.essay:AmendolaD.The_Eagle_and_the_Owl.2019 Abstract The reception of the Athenian model and its impact throughout the Hellenistic world and beyond have increasingly become the focus of recent scholarship. My project proposes to… Read more

Citizens and Foreigners in Archaic Greece: Access to Land, Justice and Cults

Persistent identifier: http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:hlnc.essay:Pinol-VillanuevaA.Citizens_and_Foreigners_in_Archaic_Greece.2018 Abstract Escaping from the narrow Aristotelian definition of ‘citizenship’ based on the taking of political office, I investigate how throughout Greek Antiquity, and especially during the Archaic period, the threshold between the status of ‘citizen’ and that of ‘foreigner’ seems to have lain in the degree of… Read more

Inscribing Temples in Greece and Asia Minor: A Diachronic View

Persistent identifier: http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:hlnc.essay:SitzA.Inscribing_Temples_in_Greece_and_Asia_Minor.2018 Abstract My research centers on new approaches to epigraphic material, highlighting their physical characteristics and architectural contexts in addition to the texts themselves. My current project focuses on inscriptions written on Greek and Roman temples in Turkey and Greece in order to analyze the spatial settings of… Read more

Social identity, social meaning, and the dynamics of everyday writing in Roman and Late Antique Egypt

Persistent identifier: http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:hlnc.essay:BenteinK.Social_Identity_Social_Meaning_and_the_Dynamics_of_Everyday_Writing.2018 Abstract Recent studies of Ancient Greek have drawn attention to the social significance of linguistic choice. So far, however, surprisingly little attention has been paid to non-literary evidence: in the dry sands of Egypt, tens of thousands of ‘documentary’ texts have been preserved, ranging from scrap papers… Read more

Διονύσιος: Τhe grammarian, the potter and the ghosts*

Citation with persistent identifier: Nasioula, Maria. Διονύσιος: Τhe grammarian, the potter and the ghosts. CHS Research Bulletin 5, no. 2 (2017). http://nrs.harvard.edu/urn-3:hlnc.essay:NasioulaM.Dionysios.2017 τοιοῦτον εἴδομεν ποτήριον γραμματικὸν ἀνακείμενον ἐν Καπύῃ τῆς Καμπανίας τῇ Ἀρτέμιδι, ἀργυροῦν, ἐκ τῶν Ὁμηρικῶν ἐπῶν κατεσκευασμένον καὶ ἐντετυπωμένα ἔχον τὰ ἔπη χρυσοῖς γράμμασιν, ὡς τὸ Νέστορος ὄν. Athenaeus… Read more