Inter-regional Doric Influences and Developments in the Late Classical and Hellenistic Eras in Greece and Asia Minor

Persistent identifier: Abstract My research at DAI/CHS concerns the investigation of architectural influences and morphological developments of the Doric order during the late Classical and Hellenistic periods (400-150 BC) in the major and developing centers of the Greek world. In particular, my research has focused on the evolution of… Read more

Sensing the ancient world: The multiple dimensions of ancient Graeco-Roman art

Persistent identifier: Introduction The five senses -visual, olfactory, tactile, gustatory, and auditory– are mostly perceived as something we as archaeologists cannot study – a kind of invisible past – and therefore often ignored in scholarship. So far, archaeology has mainly engaged with and studied direct material evidence in the… Read more

A Measured Harvest: Grain, Tithes, and Territories in Hellenistic and Roman Sicily (276-31 BCE)

Persistent identifier: Abstract During the reign of the Syracusan monarch Hieron II (276-215 BCE), Sicily’s famed agricultural resources were, for the first time, comprehensively mobilized through an administrative system designed to collect an annual grain tithe from cities within his kingdom. Hieron’s administration was so effective that the Romans,… Read more

Gift of Athena: Olive Oil and the Making of Athens

Persistent identifier: Abstract In this project, I take a long-term approach to the production, distribution, and consumption of Athenian olive oil. From the eighth to the beginning of the fifth century, Athens produced large, specialized ceramic transport containers (amphoras) to ship local liquid produce, such as olive oil and… Read more

Archaeology Through Archives: The Early History of the Archaeological Research in Boeotia Through Original Historical Archives

Citation with persistent identifier: Fappas, Yannis. “Archaeology Through Archives: The Early History of the Archaeological Research in Boeotia Through Original Historical Archives.” CHS Research Bulletin 5, no. 2 (2017). Ἡ βίβλος αὕτη τῇ φαεινῇ Καδμείᾳ κλέος προσάπτει, ἐπὶ προγόνων μνείᾳ. Thebes, September 14, 1894. The Ephor, Eukleides Vagiannes. 1§1… Read more