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The Reception of the Distance-Period Relationship in the Capellan and Copernican Cosmologies

Pre-doctoral Fellow in Hellenic Studies 2022–23 From ancient times until the early modern period, determining the arrangement of the planets (forma mundi) posed one of the most difficult and urgent inquiries in the field of cosmology. In his cosmological system, Plato did not resolve the forma mundi problem; rather, he left it as… Read more

The Materiality of Abandonment in the Geometric Cyclades: Zagora on Andros

Early Career Material Culture Fellow in Hellenic Studies 2022-23 Few Geometric settlements are as well-preserved as Zagora on Andros (900-700 BC; Fig. 1). A densely inhabited, fortified, coastal town with substantial excavated assemblages, the site offers a rare opportunity to contextualize EIA Aegean socio-political developments at the household level. Undisturbed by… Read more