The Social Network of Socrates

Socrates Plays Stesichorus

CHS Research Symposium, April 27-28 2012 Socrates Plays Stesichorus Andrea Capra I will take my cue from Attic comedy. Here is a sleight of hand scene where Socrates plays Stesichorus to the lyre while stealing a wine jug: 1. δεξάμενος δὲ Σωκράτης τὴν ἐπιδέξι’ 〈ἄιδων〉 Στησιχόρου πρὸς τὴν λύραν οἰνοχόην ἔκλεψεν (Eupolis, 395 PCG) A possible connection between Stesichorus and Socrates, as well as with Plato, provides some background to… Read more

Abstract: Socrates plays Stesichorus

ABSTRACT FOR THE CHS RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM Title: “Socrates plays Stesichorus” During my stay at the CHS I have worked on Plato’s authorial voice against the background of archaic poetry, with an emphasis on Plato’s “self-disclosures”, that is passages where he implicitly refers to his dialogues (see below, outline of the book in progress). One such passage, namely the myth of the cicadas in the Phaedrus, was the subject of my… Read more

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