POxy XXX 2513: Iphigenia in the Corinthiaca of Eumelus

On the “norm of the polyp” in early Greek epic

During my research talk one week ago (02/23/2012), I discussed the outcomes of a study I have conducted at the CHS on a specific epic fragment. In this post I wish to present, in a condensed form, some of these points by fulfilling at the same time the promise I made in the previous post to touch on the Alcmeonis. The starting point is an epic fragment [1] containing the first… Read more

Toward a commented edition of Eumelus

Similar to other fellows, in my first post I am presenting my main research project. In the course of nearly a decade, the interest in and knowledge about the epic material attributed to Eumelus of Corinth has grown remarkably. On this area, I myself have endeavored to contribute via a series of studies beginning in 2003 to the present, including the monograph L’epica perduta. Eumelo, il Ciclo, l’occidente (Rome, «L’Erma»… Read more

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