POxy XXX 2513: Iphigenia in the Corinthiaca of Eumelus

Remembering Traianos Gagos

On 24 April 2010, Traianos Gagos, Professor of Greek and Papyrology at the University of Michigan and Archivist of Papyrology in the University of Michigan Library, passed away as a result of an accident at his home. He was only 49. The loss of this beautiful man, this incredibly vibrant and generous human being—a dear friend—remains rather difficult for me to accept. But my own grief pales in comparison to… Read more

Publishing Texts in the Second “Century of Papyrology”

My awareness of CHS’s interest in the future of scholarly publishing was one of the reasons why I was eager to come to Washington this semester. As manager of a research center and a part-time librarian (i.e., someone who lies awake at night worrying about budgets), this is an issue that has also been on my mind for some time. And not simply the matter of increasing costs: The culture… Read more

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