The Social Network of Socrates

Abstract | The Social Network of Socrates

Abstract Social Network Analysis is a tool that can be applied when a data set has many relationships and one wants to see what is going on as a whole. It can be used for places (trade partnerships or theoroi and their voyages), things (distributions of pot sherds or stamped bricks, sculptors and their collaborations), or people. The sources can come from archaeology or epigraphy or texts, as in this experiment.  Using… Read more

Coastalness and Inlandness: the Case of Attica

Scholarship has in the past few years dealt more systematically with networks of interaction in the Greek world, especially within the framework of coastalness and inlandness. According to Polybius (30.9.16.), the inhabitants of the Lycian city of Kybira were not able to send Polyaratus of Rhodes to Rome because they were μεσόγαιοι τελέως, “totally inland people”. I assume that the historian expresses here a sharp opposition between coastalness and inlandness… Read more

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